• European Association of Senior Hospital Physicians
  • Association Européenne des Médecins des Hôpitaux
  • Association Européenne des Médecins des Hôpitaux


The AEMH provides a European platform for hospital physicians, which develops and maintains a spirit of cooperation and communication among its national member delegations, improving the understanding of the different health systems. It encourages the exchange of ideas and experiences and promotes discussion among doctors, patients and politicians with the major objective of promoting health and improving patient safety.

The AEMH assembles groups of different specialists promoting hospital management based on quality and safety, possessing valuable expertise in this field.

The AEMH calls for European hospital accreditation recommendations to set standards to guarantee quality of treatment and ensure patient safety. Hospital accreditation based on quality and safety must consider:

  • Risk management
  • Involvement of doctors in Hospital management
  • Evaluation of pre-and post graduate education.

Good working conditions of doctors are a major component to ensure quality care and patients safety. The AEMH

  • defends the interests of hospital physicians
  • gets involved in the current debate on European directives and national legislations concerning their working conditions, e.g.:
  • the European Working Time Directive (e.g. on-call, opt-out, rest and reference period);
  • the free movement of healthcare professionals (professional recognition);
  • the Health Services Directive (definition of hospital care);
  • CME/CPD (to be included in legislation);
  • New Health Technologies/ e-health.

The preceded core values and aims being the fundament of the AEMH, the organisation should hold them in respect, but keep up to the needs of a changing society. 

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