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AEMH Conference 2016

“0 Tolerance to Corruption”

Naples, Italy, 26 May 2016

14:00 -18:00

Venue: Hotel Royal Continental, Via Partenope, 38/44, 80121 Naples, Italy



Welcome and introduction

14:00-14:10         Sergio Bovenga, MD, FNOMCeO
                            Prof Vlad Tica,
MD, AEMH Vice President

How to prevent illegal issues and corruption in the health system

14:10-14:40         Roberta Chersevani, MD                                        
                           FNOMCeO President

Transparence-based Medicine: what does it mean for European Doctors?

14:40-15:10         Jacques de Haller, MD                              
                           CPME President

The silent killer: corruption in healthcare. Report on the EU study of corruption in healthcare

15:10-15:40          Paul Vincke,                                                  
                            EHFCN Managing Director                        

15:40-16:10                      COFFEE BREAK

What is corruption?

16:10-16:40          Enrico Reginato, MD                                
                            FEMS President

Corruption in the German Health System: Exception or a Widespread Phenomenon?

16:40-17:10          Erich Theo Merholz, MD                                        
                            AEMH Vice President

Corruption and Healthcare Inequalities in Europe

17:10-17:40          João Grenho, MD                                       
                            UEMS Vice President

Q&A, Round Table



Speakers' bio notes

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